Introducing Niceland Kampachi

Exciting news! We’ve partnered with a pristine, ASC-certified farm in Baja Sur (that’s right!) called King Kampachi to bring their special fish to home cooks everywhere. This fish is sought after by the world’s top chefs, and starting August 11th home cooks can order it for the first time via Crowd Cow. The King Kampachi team raises its fish in the crystal waters of the Sea of Cortez, where they’re then harvested using Ikejime (a Japanese method of humanely killing fish to reduce stress and preserve the quality of the meat).

We cannot say enough about how much we admire this operation for their environmental and social stewardship, and we just love the flavor of this fish – it’s briny, buttery and clean. Niceland Kampachi is sustainable gastronomy at its finest! 


Let us tell you a bit more about why we’re doing this.

We continue to support and grow our business with our Icelandic partners. Iceland is our home, it leads the world in sustainable fisheries management, and Niceland is rooted in the Icelandic values of sustainability and humanism. With that in mind, there’s so much more we want to do to evolve the seafood industry globally. We believe the technology and solutions we’ve built should play a unique role in educating consumers about seafood, from different species to innovative and sustainable aquaculture practices that are taking flight around the world. Our ultimate goal is to bring buyers the highest-quality fish from the “nicest waters” (you know we have to be clever with this:), and that means we’ll partner with fishermen and fish farmers who share our values of production and quality as we grow an ecosystem beyond Iceland with great care. 

Our technology is the pathway to information, and when it comes to creating a better food system, we believe the more information and transparency delivered, the better. We show our buyers (chefs and home cooks) the origin and production stories of the fish, and home cooks specifically benefit from various cooking and storing tips. Responsible seafood means so much to us (we mean sustainably caught or raised, efficiently processed in ways that mitigate or repurpose waste and so much more), and we think all responsibly-produced fish deserve explanation. Information technology is just how we at Niceland know how to create the conversation. 

In partnering with other responsible producers like King Kampachi, the technology and solutions we’ve built at Niceland can have even more positive impact and evolve the seafood industry (and your home cooking!). Lastly, we can supplement the education and storytelling role that our beloved restaurants serve for communities of people around the world who believe food is a soulful experience only enhanced by knowing the story behind it. A piece of even the highest-quality fish laid out in front of even the most adept home cook is nothing compared to the full-circle experience that same cook gets when she/he sees the story behind the ingredient, can work that story into his/her culinary brainstorming, and relay the information to his/her family and guests. 

It’s more connected eating. And making connections is what we’re all about. 

Thank you for reading.

Takk! Gracias! 

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