Find and share all of Niceland Seafood’s recipes for Icelandic Fish. All recipes are recommended by chefs and tested by staff to make sure you’re getting the best dish out of your fish.

Fried Wolffish “Crab” Cake Balls

Fried Wolffish “Crab” Cake Balls It’s not a crab cake, but it is a delicious twist on that beloved classic!  We’ve swapped out the crab meat in favor of melt in your mouth, delicate wolffish, which has a texture and flavor that’s almost a cross between halibut and crab. If you aren’t a crab [...]

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Air Fryer Miso Wolffish Recipe

Air Fryer Miso Marinated Wolffish Miso is a traditional Japanese ingredient produced by fermenting soybeans with salt and kōji, and sometimes rice, barley, seaweed, or other ingredients. Generally, miso tastes salty, tangy, and savory on its own - it’s a real umami bomb! Miso glazes are commonly paired with buttery, fatty fish like salmon [...]

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Classic Fish & Chips Recipe with Haddock

Classic Fish & Chips with Haddock Ever wake up wanting something deep-fried and delicious? This classic fish & chips with haddock really satisfies the craving. Haddock has a mildly sweet flavor with a delicate flake and stays moist which is just what's needed to deep fry. Plus haddock provides a lean source of omega-3 fatty [...]

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Haddock Fish Chowder Recipe

Haddock Fish Chowder This creamy haddock fish chowder is perfect comfort food. Haddock is an excellent fish to use because of its slightly sweet flavor, finer flake and, a more tender texture. Plus haddock provides a lean source of omega-3 fatty acids, proteins, and minerals. Fish Chowder originated as a shipboard dish and was [...]

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Get to know our farm-raised, Icelandic salmon

Get to know our farm-raised, Icelandic salmon Raised in ASC-certified offshore farms by Arnarlax along the Western coast of Iceland, our salmon thrive in the ice-cold currents and they’re exactly what you want in salmon - perfect fat content, flakiness, and flavor. Farm-raised salmon, starts with the smolts (baby salmon) The eggs are [...]

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Honey-Glazed Arctic Char Taco

Honey-Glazed Arctic Char Taco with corn and parsley salsa. Prep time: 25 minutes Cook time: 6 minutes Servings: 2 Ingredients For the taco 8 oz arctic char 2 tbsp honey 3 tbsp oil salt (to taste) 4 small soft tortillas Corn and parsley salsa 1 cup cooked corn ⅔ cup parsley ⅓ [...]

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Grilled Whole Arctic Char

Grilled Whole Arctic Char with roasted potatoes and grilled vegetables. Grilling a whole char can easily sound overwhelming, but at Niceland, we've mastered cooking a fish like this! In this case, we have the fish headed, gutted, and fins removed. Pairing the char with vegetables & potatoes makes it an excellent option for a [...]

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Einstök Beer Battered Cod Fillets

Einstök Beer Battered Cod Fillets with roasted potatoes in rosemary, sea salt & garlic aioli. Einstök beer is Iceland's #1 beer, and it was only a matter of time before we incorporated it into our cod fillets. We suggest their Icelandic White Ale because it's uniquely flavorful and pairs well with fish. (If you're [...]

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Fried Haddock

Fried Haddock with iceberg lettuce, gochujang dressing, and sesame seeds. Prep time: 15 minutes Cook time: 10 minutes Servings: 2 Ingredients Haddock 14 oz Haddock fillets 2 cups Flour 2¼ Tbsp Sugar 1 tsp Salt 1 tsp Baking powder 2 cups Sparkling water Endives ½ cup Soy sauce 1 tbsp Gochujang (Korean [...]

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