Iceland is a leading country in fish sustainability. Through rules and regulations, Iceland has excellent treatment of the marine ecosystem.

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What is a 10K OTR Film? Why should you care about a vacuum seal?

What is a 10K OTR Film? Why should you care about a vacuum seal? Have you ever wondered why you see directions to remove frozen fish from its vacuum seal package while thawing? Well, the answer is simple: in packaging without 10K OTR plastic film (we’ll get to that below), if you [...]

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Introducing Niceland Kampachi

Introducing Niceland Kampachi Exciting news! We’ve partnered with a pristine, ASC-certified farm in Baja Sur (that’s right!) called King Kampachi to bring their special fish to home cooks everywhere. This fish is sought after by the world’s top chefs, and starting August 11th home cooks can order it for the first time [...]

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What is Wolffish?

What is Wolffish? Wolf what? Yep, you heard that right - we’re talking about Arctic Wolffish! While its looks may not impress (it’s quite wolf-like with sharp teeth that crush crustaceans all day long), it’s flavor and texture are show stoppers! It’s so delicious! So tender! It should be the most popular [...]

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5 Benefits of Frozen Seafood

5 Benefits of Frozen Seafood If you’re new to cooking fish at home, one approach is to consider purchasing high-quality, frozen fish portions (check out our new retail bags of frozen cod and haddock!). Here are five reasons to purchase frozen fish: 1. Shelf Life Frozen fish can keep in your freezer for months, [...]

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Icelandic Cod Sustainability

Icelandic Cod Sustainability When it comes to sustainability and fishing, the focus has generally been on the maintenance of fish stock and the environmental impact of fishing. Comprehensive certification programs are available for fisheries, for example from the Marine Stewardship Council, an independent certification body (MSC) and Iceland Responsible Fisheries. These certification [...]

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Farmed vs Wild Salmon – Cost & Availability

Farmed Vs Wild Salmon - Cost & Availbility In our previous post we wrote about the culinary attributes of both farm-raised and wild salmon. But, there are other factors to consider when choosing which salmon to buy at the store, such as cost and seasonality. What’s the price difference: farmed salmon vs [...]

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Farmed vs Wild Salmon – Taste & Cooking

Farmed Salmon vs. Wild Salmon: The Great Debate Like most debates, the farmed vs. wild salmon debate is complex. When comparing farmed salmon vs wild salmon, we have to consider a multitude of factors, and even then it’s not possible to label one kind as “better” in all instances! In fact, there are [...]

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What does sustainable seafood mean?

What does sustainable seafood mean?  Sustainable food systems are created by both supply and demand side factors. The most crucial factor on the seafood supply side is the sustainable management of fisheries, and the closing of the fisheries as needed. And, just like a well-managed fishery is willing to close its doors, a [...]

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Get to know our farm-raised, Icelandic salmon

Get to know our farm-raised, Icelandic salmon Raised in ASC-certified offshore farms by Arnarlax along the Western coast of Iceland, our salmon thrive in the ice-cold currents and they’re exactly what you want in salmon - perfect fat content, flakiness, and flavor. Farm-raised salmon, starts with the smolts (baby salmon) The eggs are [...]

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Get to know our farm-raised, Icelandic arctic char

Get to know our farm-raised, Icelandic arctic char Have you ever tried arctic char? It’s a delicately flaky pink fish with a beautiful, nutty flavor. Char is often used as an alternative to salmon or steelhead trout - different species but very similar in texture and flavor.  Matorka Farms The farm-raised arctic char [...]

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