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Arctic Char

Rated “Best Choice” by the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch, our Arctic charr is raised in large land-based tanks with recirculating water systems. Our Icelandic charr is part of a vertically integrated fish farming system with complete control from the hatchling to mature charr. Additionally, our fish farm is powered using geothermal energy, with the fish raised in cold, clean water (something that we have plenty of here in Iceland), free of hormones and antibiotics.

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Arctic Wolffish

Arctic Wolffish is found everywhere along the Icelandic coast, but it remains relatively new fish for the market and is very delicious.

This type of product is perfect for chefs who are looking for “something new” in seafood.

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Icelandic Cod

Cod is the fish that built Iceland. Cod from Iceland’s cold waters tend to be large and eat a varied diet of shellfish, crustaceans, and small fish that gives them their unique flavor.

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Icelandic Cusk

Often caught in deep waters with haddock and cod, cusk have a cod-like fish head, and an eel-like body with a greyish/brownish back and a long dorsal fin.

Icelandic cusk stocks are carefully managed and are MSC certified and adhere to the Iceland Responsible Fisheries management guidelines.

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Icelandic Flounder

Flounder, commonly known as plaice, is a flatfish that is perfectly adapted for life on the seafloor.

Icelandic flounder are medium-sized with a dark green upper side with distinguishing red-orange spots.

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Icelandic Haddock

Silvery-gray in color, with a distinctive dark marking behind its pectoral fin, haddock are bottom-dwelling fish that are found along North Atlantic coastal waters and are related to cod.

Our haddock fishery is MSC certified and adheres to the Iceland Responsible Fisheries management guidelines.

Haddock is one of the most popular of the premium white fishes sold today.

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Icelandic Ocean Perch

Their bright red-orange skin gives the ocean perch almost a cartoon-like appearance.

Slow growing and late to mature, ocean perch have a varied diet of crustaceans. Iceland is the only MSC-certified fishery for ocean perch.

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Icelandic Pollock

Pollock, often called saithe, is a close relative of the cod and have a similar torpedo-shaped body and are generally smaller and more plentiful than cod.

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Icelandic Salmon

Raised in the clean, strong, ice cold currents off the Western coast of Iceland, our salmon boast excellent flavor and, high omega 3s.

Because our ocean-raised salmon all come from ASC certified farms, you can also be assured that we adhere to sustainable Aquaculture practices.

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