Digital Menus Help Educate Diners

An outcome of pandemic-era dining? The rise of the QR code and digital menus. That’s right – QR codes are finally having their moment in the U.S., and largely due to the exposure diners (of every generation) receive each time they sit down at a table for dine-in service.


While we miss the tailor-made, classic experience of printed menus (and the ability to leave our phones in our bags and pockets if we choose), digital menus create a huge opportunity for the good food community and for us at Niceland. Since day one, we’ve used QR codes and our digital storytelling platform, DigiFresh, to share information about our fish with buyers, diners and shoppers. By using our QR codes, restaurants can easily share the details behind the ingredients they’re sourcing in a visually compelling way. It’s so easy – diners can just scan our Niceland QR codes – the same QR codes we place on every shipment of fish – to view the origin (the boat or farm!), species characteristics (flavor and texture), transport data and more.

The detailed storytelling helps us at Niceland, but also proves a restaurant’s commitment to sourcing traceable, sustainable ingredients and breeds diner loyalty. Storytelling puts the price of a dish into context, too, and in turn can help maintain margins. 


There are a couple of easy ways our restaurant customers can do this: 

  • Check out this video that shows the process. 
  • We can share the QR code with restaurant managers so they can print and place on each table. 
  • Alternatively, restaurants can simply scan the QR code on the box that contains their Niceland fish, copy the URL, and add the URL to the relevant menu item. For instance:
    • Pan-seared Icelandic wolffish with brown butter and root vegetables “click the link to learn more about the special wolffish we source!” 
  • We can use our Niceland Seafood platform to customize these digital stories however a restaurant buyer needs, including adding visual elements of their brand, their logo and more.
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