Get to know our farm-raised, Icelandic salmon

Raised in ASC-certified offshore farms by Arnarlax along the Western coast of Iceland, our salmon thrive in the ice-cold currents and they’re exactly what you want in salmon – perfect fat content, flakiness, and flavor.


Farm-raised salmon, starts with the smolts (baby salmon)

The eggs are provided by an Icelandic breeding company with decades of experience in family selection to ensure optimal growth of the salmon under Iceland’s unique conditions. All of the smolts are then grown at Icelandic hatcheries, where they swim in free-flowing natural spring water drawn from adjacent and filtered through lava fields for centuries. This geothermal smolt production requires no recirculation of water, which replicates nature as closely as possible and results in a healthier and more resilient stock. The natural hydroelectric and geothermal energy is thoroughly utilized throughout the whole farming process, from the growth of the smolts at our land-based hatcheries all the way to the packing of the product for export.


Once the salmon are out in the offshore farms, the dynamic conditions, clean seawater and low temperatures create the perfect setting to raise healthy, tasty salmon that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. There are never any antibiotics used, the feed is non-GMO and all of the raw marine and plant-based ingredients are sustainable and can be traced back to their origin. With six farming locations in three separate fjords at Arnarlax’s disposal, they’re able to use the “all-in all-out” alternating farming model to its full potential. This means they’re able to allow each farming site to fallow for a few months after each generation has been fully harvested, every new farming cycle starts its growth in a clear and naturally replenished site. This exceptional technique keeps the salmon free from any biological hazards, such as diseases and pests. 

Check out our other blog post on why Icelandic seafood is so sustainable. Sustainability is just as much about supporting fishing communities and economic empowerment as it is about natural resource conservation.

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