What WE DO

What we do

Niceland Seafood is the first turn-key provider of fresh Icelandic fish to offer full traceability from sea to pan.

It’s the simple answer to the ever-growing problem with transparency in the fishing and seafood industries: Every Niceland Seafood package comes with a unique QR code that, once scanned, visualizes each individual journey from the fishing grounds to the store. Likewise, the system allows retailers to both purchase and track their orders in real time, all from their smartphone.

It’s a combination of high quality seafood and high-end customer experience, founded on the values that built Iceland and that are highly prized among millennials around the world: sustainability and innovation. Top quality content reinforces the links between product, community and consumer at every step along the way.

Furthermore, Niceland Seafood constitutes a complete overhaul of the technologies underpinning seafood brokerage and traceability processes, creating a simpler, faster, more reliable chain stretching from sea to store.

Our mission

Although we are a small nation, Iceland leads the world in sustainable fisheries, mandated data systems, and cutting edge processing technologies that minimize time and waste. Fisheries management in Icelandic waters is primarily based on catch limitation through individual transferable quotas (ITQs). Using a research-based management approach, carried out by Iceland’s Marine and Freshwater Research Institute, the Icelandic fishing industry is a global leader in sustainability. Traceability, sustainability and innovation are values Niceland Seafood shares with millennial consumers, modern retailers and distributors.

Niceland Seafood offers this traceability instantly online, from the moment the fish is caught, to the moment it reaches the costumer.

By integrating informational sources from local sustainable fisheries, producers and shipping partners, our proprietary owned and operated web app is able to give you and your customers full traceability into the product.

The information we are able to gather for each shipment is the vessel ID, landing date, landing location, species data, production details and shipping ID, such as AWB numbers for flights.