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About Icelandic Pollock

 Referred to as saithe in Europe and Iceland, which is sometimes called Atlantic pollock, is a close relative to cod.

It has the same torpedo-shaped body and sweet taste. Because Icelandic Pollock is plentiful and MSC certified, it is a great choice for chefs looking for a reliable menu item that can be used for all types of cuisines or seafood preparations.

Icelandic Pollock is an entirely different species from that found on the pacific coast. The main difference being the size, it’s way bigger! The bigger portion makes plate presentations similar to more expensive items like cod and halibut but at half the price!

It is a crowd-pleasing fish that can be served as a portion or made into chowders, fish cakes or tacos.

Our pollock stocks are very carefully managed, MSC certified and adhere to the Iceland Responsible Fisheries management guidelines. Pollock is highly regarded in french and german cuisine – called Luie Noir (French) or Sealachs (German).

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Sweet and mild, this is a wonderful fish that can be used for all types of preparations. From simple casual dishes to fine sophisticated fare, it has a light and delicate flavor that fits well with tastes from around the globe. 

It’s firm with a solid flake and can be used for stews, soups, frying. It has slightly darker meat when raw that becomes bright white once cooked

When raw, Icelandic pollock will appear as a darker color. However, once cooked it becomes pure white and flaky, it is most often baked, braised, steamed, poached or pan-seared.

 Icelandic Pollock is available March through October.

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