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About Icelandic Haddock

Icelandic Haddock is a popular premium white fish that bears a distinctive dark mark just behind its pectoral fin.

It is a fish known for its delicate flake and fine texture. Because it is a mild and versatile fish, haddock is well suited for many types of cooking methods.

It is plentiful and well managed. Our haddock fishery is MSC certified and adheres to the Iceland Responsible Fisheries management guidelines. 

Icelandic Haddock is one of the most popular of the premium white fishes sold today.

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Haddock is often compared to cod. It has a subtle, delicate and mildly sweet flavor.

Haddock has a soft, delicate flake

 Haddock is the fish used for traditional fried fish and chips. It has a particularly high protein level which makes it perfect for recipes where its binding qualities provide structure and stability. It is also great for pan-frying, baking or poaching.

Icelandic Haddock is in season from September through May.

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