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About Icelandic Flounder

Flounder, commonly known as plaice, is a flatfish that is perfectly adapted for life on the seafloor.

Flounder seek out areas where they can avoid predators and best hide themselves to ambush their prey.

Their diet consists mostly of small invertebrates, and occasionally young fish as well.

Icelandic flounder are medium-sized with a dark green upper side with distinguishing red-orange spots.

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Mellow with hints of sweetness

Tender, moist, and slightly flaky.

Icelandic flounder fillets are often breaded and pan-fried and take very little time to cook. Flounder is usually cut into small pieces and used for snacks, tapas, and other shared preparations. Icelandic flounder is terrific as an MSC certified substitute for sole, which is often more expensive.

Icelandic Flounder is in season May through November

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