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About Icelandic Cod

We bring in the best cod from Icelandic boats where all of our seafood is processed locally immediately upon landing. Our cod has a sweet and mild flavor because they feed mostly on shellfish, crustaceans and smaller fish. More than just a popular, great-tasting fish, our cod has been the backbone of our fishing communities for generations – often referred to as Icelandic Gold.

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Cod is a mild fish that adapts well to all types of flavors and cooking techniques. It is a favorite no matter if served on its own, breaded, battered or with a sauce. Icelandic cod is higher in fat and is sweeter than Pacific cod varieties thanks to its diet of shellfish, crustaceans and small fish.

Fillets have a thick hearty flake. This is a flaky and mild white fish that stays moist after baking, pan-frying or steaming. Icelandic cod is an impressive fish on the plate thanks to its large flake. When raw, our cod will appear slightly pink compared to Pacific Cod.

Once cooked Icelandic cod turns a beautiful opaque white color. Cod is lean and is adaptable enough to be served hot or cold, as a steak, pieces or flaked

Cod is in Peak Season from September through March, but is available year-round.

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