Our brand experience engages retail shoppers so they stay in the store longer,
purchase more seafood and keep coming back for more from a brand they trust.
We’re expanding to launch a frozen line to bring our fish – the same fish chef buyers love – to retailers.


Specs for Niceland Frozen Retail Pack.

2 pound, resealable retail bags packed with individual portions are now available in two SKUs: wild-caught Icelandic cod and wild-caught Icelandic haddock.


  • 2lb bags (net weight)

  • 4oz – 6oz boneless, skinless portions

  • IVP (Individually Vacuum Packed)

  • Our products are MSC Certified

  • Available for preorder Icelandic Ocean Perch, Wolffish, Arctic Char & Salmon

  • For more information about other species, specs and packaging (including 10K OTR), click below to reach the sales team

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