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About Icelandic Arctic Wolffish

Icelandic Arctic Wolffish is MSC Certified, found everywhere along the Icelandic coast and is regarded as a delicacy by Icelandic people, yet is less known in other cultures.

The population of wolffish in Iceland is healthy, and that’s due to the dedicated work by the country’s fishing industry regulator groups which manage fishing practices and set quotas to prevent overfishing.

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Wolffish has a sweet and oceanic flavor and is held in high regard by many European chefs.

The texture is firm and tends to shred, more like crab than most fish.

Wolffish is exceptionally good pan-seared due to the high-fat content.

Acidic foods and condiments (such as kimchi) are an excellent complement.

It does well in many other high heat preparations, and its unique flavor and texture make it a winning ceviche fish.

Wolffish is in peak season from March through September.

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