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About Arctic Char

Rated “Best Choice” by the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch and is ASC certified.

Our Arctic char is raised at a farm called Matorka, which is powered using geothermal energy.

The fish are raised in large, land-based tanks with a system that recirculates the cold, clean saltwater abundant in Iceland. This process leads to a healthy, enhanced flavor char that is never treated with antibiotics.

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Char has a mild and nutty flavor.  

Char is a firm, somewhat lean pink fish that’s loved for its flakiness.

Arctic Char will hold up in a cast iron pan or grill, and it’s also beautiful poached. Try it pan-seared in butter and olive oil and topped with roasted, seasonal vegetables. Umami ingredients like miso won’t overpower this flavorful fish. 

Arctic Char is available year-round.

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